Our Team


Ken Weir | Director & Founder

Registered Building Surveyor - Unlimited & Registered Building Inspector - Unlimited

Ken stared the business in 1994 with the privatisation of permits in Victoria. Now, almost 30 years later, he has grown KWA to be a premium and boutique building permit and inspection business with a team of experts working alongside him.

Ken takes great pride in the long-term relationships he has created with his clients and the monumental amount of dollars he has saved them over the years, with sound and economical regulation advice (e.g. deletion of sprinklers: design restrictions exempt from the Town Planning process). Ken does not rest until every possible avenue has been explored and every issue has been addressed. He feels great satisfaction when a project is completed, knowing that the building is compliant now, and for future owners.

Ken met his wife, Vanessa, at the Horsham Show competing in (equestrian) show jumping. Together, they have developed a purpose breeding program which includes breaking, training and competing in show jumping. During their time off from the business, they enjoy traveling the length and breadth of the state competing throughout the year. Being active in mind and body is what they strive to embody, and why after all these years, they are still passionate about and energetic in their business, sport, and each other.


Ryan Whiteside | Director

Building Inspector - Limited & Building Surveyor – Limited

Ryan joined the KWA team as an Assistant Building Surveyor and developed a passion for the business, the team and their clients. After a few years, and Ken recognising his ambition, Ryan was taken under Ken’s wing and began his transition into Co-Director of KWA.

Around the office, Ryan assists his team by preparing fee proposals for new project enquiries, assesses applications, manages enquiries while working with Ken to mentor their team and plan for KWA’s exciting future.

When Ryan is taking time away from the desk, he’s spending time with his friends and family, in a place that is warm and sunny.


Vanessa Weir | Business Operations

Vanessa Weir is an integral part of the business operations and administration at KWA. She is the woman who said “yes” to Ken’s wild dream to build the business all those years ago, and it’s safe to say that the cogs just wouldn’t turn as smoothly without her! Vanessa loves staying informed with all of the new legislation being created and working alongside her team to help the business run as efficiently as possible.

On weekends, she enjoys competing across the state on show jumpers (horses), with her husband, Ken. Breeding and training horses has always been a passion of hers and she loves the thrill of learning the basics and being then able to compete against professional riders.


Aaron Larizza | Assistant Building Surveyor

Registered Building Inspector - Limited

Aaron is an experienced Building Surveyor and is an integral part of our team. Working closely with Tom, Aaron is responsible for issuing permits, rechecking submitted documentation, and answering customers enquiries.

When he is not hard at work in the office or on site, Aaron is spending time with his friends and family.


Tom Matthews | Assistant Building Surveyor

Tom is one of the two resident Building Surveyors at KWA. Based in the Mornington office, Tom assesses applications and documentation, as well as providing technical advice for enquiries that come through. He also coordinates inspection results and issues the final certificates.

When he isn’t busy at work, Tom spends most of his time amongst friends and family, or lifting weights at the gym.